Police to Embark on Major Campaign to Remove Derelict Vehicles

As of tomorrow Wednesday 18th, the Police, along with a number of other key agencies will embark upon a massive clean-up operation, dubbed “Operation Derelict”, to rid the country of all derelict and abandoned vehicles.

The operation, which is spearheaded by the Traffic Department, is geared towards alleviating the congestion and obstruction of vehicular traffic caused by these vehicles.

ZDK News understands that beginning tomorrow; owners of derelict vehicles parked on the roadways will be issued a notice which will order them to have the vehicles removed before February 1st 2017.

Traffic Cop Corporal Kenny McBurnie in an interview with ZDK News said that even owners of auto body repair and mechanic shops using vehicular parts for repair work will be issued a notice, once the vehicle is obstructing the flow of traffic.

“We will be serving letters to persons who have derelict vehicles at the side of the road or even vehicles being used by mechanics and body men because of-course those cars does cause an obstruction and if those cars are not removed by February, we will remove them to ensure that the flow of traffic is smooth,” he said.

According to Law, failure to comply, the Police, under section 84 of the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Cap 460, will take the necessary actions to have these vehicles removed and disposed of at the owner’s expense.

Meantime, Corporal McBurnie says this is only the first phase of a campaign set to ease the flow of traffic on the nation’s roadways. He says that the Traffic department is also seeking to address double parking, particularly of residents living between narrow roadways. He explains.

“What you also find is that not only derelict vehicles cause an obstruction for traffic but the manner in which some persons park cause an obstruction to traffic. For Instance, any village where the roads are not very wide, you have persons living on both sides of the street and everyone wants to park on the side that they live which makes it difficult for Firetrucks and Ambulances to manuever on the road and they refuse to move their vehicle.

Those are the problems that we are seeing but that’s just a broad view of some of the cause for obstructions of traffic,” McBurnie said.

Other agencies involved include the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Central Board of Health; Development Control Authority and Public Works.





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