Residents in Antigua and Barbuda Promised Fewer Power Outages With New Upgrade

This is according to the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) which completed a six months upgrade of the nation’s 69 KV circuit.

According to a release from the authority issues on Tuesday in collaboration with the Republic of Cuba, technicians within APUA upgraded 44km of wiring on the 69 KV circuit which will improve power distribution across the island and reduce outages during routine maintenance along the circuit by re-routing power.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of APUA Floree Whyte told ZDK News that the upgrade was targeted towards substations which needed dire repair.

“It was intended to upgrade any part that needed maintenance so it’s not the entire grid just ares which need repair,” she said.

The circuit transmits 69,000 kilovolts from the main power station to substations in seven areas: Crabbs, Lavington, Swetes, Belmont, Friars Hill, Cassada Gardens and Five Islands.

The PRO said APUA technicians benefited from extensive training including tower maintenance and repair. She said that although the circuits will not need any repair in the near future, APUA technicians will be able conduct the repair work on their own.

“They were exposed to the maintenance training and those types of lines aren’t types that require frequent maintenance, for example, those ones that have been replaced, they have been in place for about thirty (30) years, so it probably won’t take another thirty (30) years but it wont need repair like very month..”she noted.

The project which started on July 15th, 2016 was a partnership between the Republic of Cuba and APUA where a team of Cuban engineers and linesmen worked along with APUA technicians to make improvements to the circuit.

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