UPP Announces Budget Day Boycott

The Opposition United Progressive Party has announced plans to conduct a Budget Speech Boycott and protest against the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) outside the Parliament building on Friday.

According to the UPP, this is in response to mounting public dissatisfaction with ABLP failures and scandals. Public Relations Officer for the UPP Senator Damani Tabor who spoke to ZDK news this morning gave some clarity as to some of the issues that will be protested come Friday.

Tabor said that the UPP is also calling for independent investigations into several bribery scandals. He also extended an invitation to all citizens and residents to join the fight to continually defend democracy.

In response to the proposed Budget Speech Boycott, the Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst said the government is not surprised with the UPP’s planned protest action.

He added that this point less move on the party of the UPP will not in any way derail the government.

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