Works & Housing Minister  to be Discharged within 24 Hours

Minister of Works and Housing the Hon Eustace Teco Lake, who has been hospitalized for over two weeks, is set to be discharged from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre within 24 hours.

The update on the Minister’s condition comes from his colleague Minister Melford Nicholas.

“The medical team that came to cabinet yesterday did give a very positive outlook on the progress that the minister has made. We had an indication that either today or tomorrow, he should be in a position to be discharged from Mount St. John and that he will continue to require a period of rest and the option remains with him to make a determination as to whether or not he needs to undergo medical evaluation at another facility,” he noted.

On January 4th, the minister was rushed to the hospital after suffering from high blood pressure which caused his kidneys to fail.

Lake was kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since being admitted with the hospital’s finest closely monitoring his condition with the expectation that the organs will recover.

According to cabinet notes, the possibility of having the minister flown out of the country for further treatment is still on the table; however, that depends on his how soon he is able to regain sufficient strength.

Meantime, Minister Nicholas said that Lake’s unavailability has not negatively affected the works and housing ministry as other ministers have stepped in to ensure that plans and projects are executed.

“The minister’s responsibility had traditionally been involved in setting policy directions and those policy directions for the year has already been set, he had been responsible for ensuring that there is significant resources, those resources have already been sort out.

The whole idea of implementing the plan would be left up to the technicians and the other administrators and I believe with our support and interventions, we can await the full recovery of the minister and the process of the projects will be fulfilled,” the minister said.


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