Breakdown in Homes Blamed for Increased Ill Discipline In Schools

The increase in ill disciplined students in Antigua and Barbuda’s institutions stems from their behavior at their homes.

That is according to nine year Teaching Professional Robin Joseph Nathaniel, who said that while this is not the only influence which contributes to the change in behavior over the years, it is the core factor. She was speaking during an interview on Sunday when she made the comment.

“Many people would agree if I say the family is not operating like it should and so we have a lot of students who do not get that type of discipline needed to function properly within the school setting and so it becomes very difficult for teachers to try and to instill discipline when they don’t have it from where they’re coming from and that’s one of the major issues in my opinion,” she said.

She said that the level of discipline by students have decreased over the years, and added that social media is also another external factor.

Social Commentator and former head of the national schools council in St. Vincent Kendrick Quashie agreed that social media have indeed affected the way Caribbean students act in schools but added that the breakdown in family has a greater effect.

“The opening up of social media and socialization and external forces influences the way Caribbean students operate but I think there is a breakdown also in the family unit and t hat contributes a lot to how students operate in schools,” Quashie said.

This comes after a teacher from the Clare Hall Secondary School was charged with attempted murder for allegedly causing severe damage to a student.

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