Convicted Serial House Breaker Receives an Additional Sentence

Rashard Peters, one of the two men jointly charged for breaking into the dwelling house of a Greenbay man was convicted and sentenced to an additional 2yrs in prison on Thursday.

The convicted “Serial House-breaker” had earlier confessed to several Breakings and Attempted Breakings during an ongoing police investigation and was convicted and sentenced to 3yrs at Her Majesty’s Prison last Thursday.

The 18year old found himself again before Chief Magistrate Walsh in the St. Johns Magistrate’s Court, charged with House Break-in and Larceny where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced.

For the 3 year sentence, the Court heard that on 19th of January, he broke into the dwelling home of a Green Bay woman and stole one Samsung tablet, one 13 inch flat screen television, one Kodak Digital camera, a quantity of shoes to include; one pair of Nike Air Jordan Sneaker, a pair Adidas Shell-toe Sneaker, one Nike slipper, a travelling bag, and a Rockaway Hoodie sweatshirt. The following day he went back to the said home and attempted to break into it, but was apprehended and taken into to custody by Grays Farm Police.

His sentence is to run consecutively.

21yrs old Jahfari Harper of Armstrong Road, Grays Farm was the second person charged by the police in connection with the recent spate of Breakings in the Grays Farm area.The duo is accused of stealing a 32 inch Samsung Flat screen television a Samsung DVD player and an undisclosed sum of money on the 20th of January.

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