Deputy Head of the CIP advises Government  to engage lobbyist on border security matters

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) Thomas Anthony is advising the Government to hire a lobbyist on border security matters as they seek to engage the new US Congress on the integrity of its CIP program.

Anthony’s advice comes against the backdrop of the Prime Ministers recent announcement that as the person charged with responsibly tackling the vexing issue of correspondent banking on behalf of CARICOM, he is appointing a lobbyist to aid in resolving the matter.

According to Thomas a similar approach should be adopted for border security matters as it relates to CIP as both initiatives are faced with similar risks.

Thomas, who was speaking on Wednesday’s edition of ZDK’s Open Forum, also indicated that the government should consider becoming a member of a Washington based lobbying group with a long history of ties to the Caribbean and Latin America.

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