Joanne Massiah Speaks out Following her Expulsion from the UPP

Parliamentary Representative for All Saints East and St. Luke Joanne Messiah has spoken out for the first time since she was ousted by the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Messiah would have spoken extensively as to what led to her expulsion by the main opposition party the UPP, more particularly, how she was shunned during the public rift between the party’s leader Harold Lovell and herself.

She accused the party of blatantly lying about her refusal to cooperate adding that natural justice did not transpire. She said based on how things unfolded in this saga, her constructive dismissal from the party occurred the moment she was not named as a UPP candidate in the next general elections.

“I was constructively dismissed since I received that letter on April 14th 2016 from the political leader me that I would not be named as a candidate for the political party whether or not the branch recommended my nomination,” she said.

She said that despite the fall out, she remains true to her elected position as the representative for the All Saints East and St. Luke constituency.

“I have no difficulty with any constituents of mine, if we meet we exchange pleasantries, we at least say hello because I am the duly elected MP for the All Saints East and St. Luke constituency and I do not shirk my responsibilities as a representative. I understand that they did not think I would come but they do not know Joanne Massiah,” she noted.

During the ongoing row, Massiah would have also hinted at forming her own political party and today gave an update, revealing that they will be ready to roll out the red carpet in a matter of weeks. She also debunked claims of joining the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party.

Massiah further responded to claims that she was ungrateful to the UPP who gave her a safe seat in the 2014 general elections.

“Joanne Messiah has put in sweat, blood and tears into the continuation and the building of the UPP. What they don’t tell you but what was said internally in a postmortem was that in the last elections there was a 14% shift against the UPP, what they didn’t tell you is that Chester Hughes never gave up a seat for Joanne Massiah because the politicians in this country don’t give up seats, the men don’t, certainly not for a woman. The seat would have been lost.

Joanne Massiah and her team worked hard for 14 months to ensure that we maintain that seat. St. George’s was a safe seat and Rural West because when you look at the numbers, the margin of victory was so small that perhaps another day the seat would have been lost. Were it not for Anthony Stuart, who worked hard to win over some final votes, that seat would have been lost, so i reject that notion,” Messiah said.

The Member of Parliament for the All Saints East and St. Luke Constituency was dismissed from the main opposition the United Progressive Party on Sunday and comes as no surprise as both Massiah and the UPP has been at loggerhead nearly two years ago, when she contested the leadership race for the party back in 2015. She said she is yet to be formally informed of her expulsion from the party.


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