Lee Wind Paints considers option to engage the Cuban market

Lee Wind Paints is giving serious consideration to how it will be best able to penetrate the Cuban market with its products thereby taking advantage of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Governments of Antigua and Barbuda and Cuba last September.

On Thursday a meeting was held at the company’s production facilities at Powells Chaired by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce E.P Chet Greene, with the Cuban ambassador, Gustavo Veliz, and members of the Lee Wind Paints Board of Directors where was discussed.

Minister Greene noted that there has been much discussion on the matter of how to get Lee Wind Paints into the Cuban market and he was at the point where he wants to see more action to make it become a reality.

The Trade and Industry Minister said he convened the meeting to look at what would be the best option to get Lee Wind Paints into the Cuban market. He noted that getting fully manufactured products into Cuba could be a challenge because there are no current trade routes.

He suggested that another option could be shipping the paints in empty containers that leave Antigua each week for Miami and have these transshipped to Cuba, or perhaps, doing primary mixes in Antigua and then shipped to Cuba for final mixing based on customers’ demands.

According to the Minister, the Antigua and Barbuda Cabinet is prepared to enter into a joint venture with the Cuban government to set up a plant to manufacturer Lee Wind Paints in Cuba and thus avoid the major challenges related to shipping.

He explained that Cuba has a Free Trade Zone that it has used to attract foreign companies and he expressed a desire to see the Antigua and Barbuda paint manufacturer with a presence in the Spanish-speaking territory.

Minister Greene said that a delegation will visit Cuba before the end of the first quarter of this year to hold high level discussions on the matter.

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