LIAT implements changes to Stabilize Service

As part of its efforts to achieve greater profitability and improve efficiency in 2017, LIAT will restructure its operations by suspending service to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Guadeloupe to Dominica routes.

Effective March 1st, 2017, the airline will stop flying to St Croix, and service to St Thomas will end on June 14th. The airline will suspend its Guadeloupe to Dominica route on March 2nd and will instead operate a return Antigua to Guadeloupe flight. According to the Airline, these moves are intended to help stabilize the airlines flight schedule and network.

The suspension comes after the completion of a route review exercise designed to help the carrier establish a reliable schedule that will fly on commercially viable routes going forward to offer the region a more consistent service.

Chief Commercial Officer Lloyd Carswell stated “The decision made have been driven predominantly by the need to enhance the operational stability of the airline and the quality of product for our customers.”

He noted that this has lead to adding more time to schedules at airports around the region and removing some under-performing routes. According to Carswell, once LIAT has achieved operational integrity, the company may consider re instituting St Thomas on a seasonal basis.

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