Man Jailed for 8 Years After Pleading Guilty of Having Sex with A Minor

A man has been sentenced to eight (8) years in prison after pleading guilty for having sexual intercourse with a 12 year old.

Convicted and sentenced was Kenroy Pennyfeather who in March 2014, had sex with the minor shortly after meeting the child in a whatsapp group.

The court heard how the now 29 year old met with the first form student outside of the group chat and had arranged to meet the child at her home while her parents were away.

While at her home, the man engaged in sexual intercourse with the child but was however caught at the girls home by lawmen who responded after being tipped off.

The minor said that Pennyfeather had knowledge of her age as she had posted her birth date in the group chat when they were becoming acquainted.

The convict was initially sentenced to 12 years at Her Majesty’s Prison but got 4 years shaved off his sentence because he pleaded guilty, apologized and for his clean record with the law, prior to the incident.

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