Prime Minister Browne make monetary contribution to the St. John’s Wesleyan Holiness Church

Prime Minister Browne commenced his birth-week celebrations by making a monetary contribution towards the work of the St. John’s Wesleyan Holiness Church on Bishopgate Street.

PM Browne attended the Church on Sunday, a church he has been attending for his entire life.  Joined by his wife and two of his children, his sister, Cabinet colleagues and other close friends, Prime Minister Browne gave a testimony of his life growing up as a child in the Point and Villa communities.

The country’s leader spoke of his three times near death experiences and his struggles living with a single parent and sometimes destitute grandmother.  He remarked that his greatest struggle growing up was the issue of poverty.

He said that despite their circumstance he and his sister never engaged in any immoral or illicit activities.  “We lived a contented life,” he said.

At the conclusion of the service which had a theme of Immortal Life and the qualities that would lead to attaining Immortal Life, Prime Minister Browne made the donation of $50, 000 from savings from his salary as Prime Minister towards the work of the Church.

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