The Callaloo Cay Environmental Advisory Committee Convenes its First Meeting on US$150 million dollar project

Callaloo Cay convened the first meeting of its environmental advisory committee with the community residents and the developer of the US $150 million dollar Callaloo Cay resort.

The commissioning of this committee is as a result of the commitment made at the conclusion of the last consultation held on December 15th.

Its aims are to promote open communication, collaboration, and solution finding between the community residents and the developer, for matters pertaining to environmental management of the project site and surrounding area.

At the conclusion of the almost 4-hour meeting and accompanying site visit, it was agreed that the government, the community and developers each have roles to play in finding permanent solutions to the persistent drainage and flooding issues.

Callaloo Cay’s Senior Vice President of Business Development Dawood Shah said he is satisfied with the meeting’s outcome.

He says “We are happy to listen to the community’s concerns, to address them and to ensure that we are following the letter of the law. This is in keeping with our triple bottom line principle of people, planet and profit.”

He adds however “this committee will not decide whether or not this development proceeds. Once the relevant government departments are satisfied with, and have approved our plans and mitigation measures, we will break ground on the first phase of the development.”

Callaloo Cay will comprise of a branded five star hotel, private villas, a world-class spa, a trend-setting beach club and several waterside-dining concepts.

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