Works & Housing Minister  Says he has No Intention of Retiring From Politics

Minister of Works and Housing Eustace Teco Lake says despite his medical condition, he has no intention of retiring from politics. This, after the minister was in the Intensive Care Unit at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre for the second time because of his health.

Lake, who was speaking during an interview on ZDK’s Open Forum on Tuesday, said that as far as his political career is concerned, it is not over.

“My political career continues. My constituents have been there for me every step of the way and have been praying for me and we’re at the point now that I welcome that they continue to pray for me because anything can happen but I have no intention of retiring from politics, as long as I can serve my people, I will continue to serve them,” he said.

On January 4th, Minister Lake was rushed to the hospital after suffering from high blood pressure which caused his kidneys to fail. He was kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with the hospitals finest closely monitoring his condition.

The Member of Parliament for Rural South expressed appreciation to all the well-wishers who continue to stand behind him despite being out of office for over a month.

“I’m well and appreciate everything that everyone has done, praying for me and encouraging me all the way through and bringing me to this point, so thank you and I appreciate you….I love my constituents to death,” the minister said.

The minister also reminisced on a similar near death experience which occurred in 2009 and again sent showers of praises to his constituents and others who continues to wish him well.

“A lot of people don’t know but in 2009, I actually died and came back to life but I use it as a testimony and it’s a sign that life continues and to show that there is something greater for me to do out there. I am at the point where I’m grateful and I thank the people fo Rural South for believing in me,” he said.


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