Forty-Eight New Homes to be Passed over to Homeowners in Governments 500 Homes in 500 Days Initiative

The Government plans to distribute keys to new homeowners on Monday, June 12, at Dredge Bay, where 48 new homes have been built on land that was previously laying fallow.

This is a part of the Gaston Browne-led administration’s flagship project the 500 homes in 500 days initiative.

When the 48 houses are sold, the government has disclosed that the monies realized from the sale will go towards building more new homes. It said already, 149 foundations are being laid in Paynters for that number of houses; and 125 new homes are to be constructed at Denfields. More than 200 additional houses will be built on land recently acquired at Royalls and at Marble Hill.

The government says that there are three categories of housing which the administration is pursuing simultaneously which include: Affordable Housing—this allows families from the working class to transition into middle class housing, Social Housing—built for the very poor, allowing the condition under which the occupants live to be significantly improved and Home Repair—for the indigent elderly, especially, and fire victims, where the resources for improvement are not available and the government has to step in to ensure habitable residence.

The Cabinet agreed that Ministry of Social Transformation will supervise the home repair of the indigent and further agreed that an amount of $10,000 will be expended in the form of material and/or labour.

Cabinet further disclosed that a vigorous and diligent investigation will precede every grant that is expended on behalf of those deemed to be in need.

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