AIDS Official says more adherence to treatment is the key to ending AIDS

AIDS Program Manager Delcora Williams is urging more residents who are HIV positive to access Care and treatment as according her the more persons being adherent to treatment is the key to ending AIDS.

Williams while speaking on ZDK’s Open Forum on Tuesday revealed that the number of people living in Antigua and Barbuda with HIV and receiving antiretroviral therapy has increased from 5 percent to 44 percent.

She said that this is the key to putting an end to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic.

Williams said the goal is to ensure that the individual’s viral load is supressed and the virus is undetectable which leads to more people living healthier and longer lives.

According to the AIDS Program Manager, persons need to be aware of their HIV status in order to protect themselves from the disease or in other cases access the necessary treatment if positive

 Williams further noted that the Government has been playing a tremendous role in ensure that the Secretariat is equipped with the necessary funding to carry out its functions.

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