Festival’s Minister speaks out on why Carnival decorations were removed


Several days after the multi-colored flags which were being used to create a festive environment ahead of Carnival 2017 were erected in St John’s, they were removed.

This, after Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender activist Tasheka Lavann commented on the colorful flag on Social media Facebook.

“Happy Gay Pride Antigua! Long overdue! I’ll be there next year,” the former carnival queen said.

However after being informed on the removal of the carnival décor, her apparent excitement quickly changed. She again took to social media expressing her dissatisfaction, with the comment, “I want people to see what hatred to a community looks like”.

She said the act lacked common sense and further vowed to use all her media contacts to bring attention to the event.

ZDK news contacted the Festivals Minister the Hon Paul Chet Greene to hear his official response. In an exclusive interview with the Minister he confirmed that the decorations were removed at his command.

The Minister while pointing out that the decision is not homophobic also indicated that it had nothing to do with Lavann’s comments.

He further issued an apology to all Antiguans and Barbudans who were affected by the colorful decorations.



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