PM Browne Stands by Antigua and Barbuda’s Policy to not Interfere with Internal Affairs of Institutions and Governments

The nation’s leader Prime Minister Gaston Browne has defended Antigua and Barbuda’s policy as it relates to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), of not interfering in the ‘internal affairs of institutions and governments’.

In a statement issued to Caribbean News Corporation (CMC) the Prime Minister is believed to have been responding to remarks made by Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell at the opening ceremony of the 38th Regular Meeting of Heads in St. Georges.

Dr. Mitchell called on CARICOM leaders to be proactive and to get involved in the affairs of West Indies cricket, and in particular, the board that is managing the regional game.

The nation’s leader, following an abrupt departure from the meeting, said that the governance of West Indies cricket “appears to be an evocative romanticism of a particular Caribbean head”.

“Now there is a particular Head who is of the flawed opinion that with my support and other Heads that he could achieve his compulsive-obsessive desire to dissolve the Board.

“The latter he fallaciously argued would automatically resolve the multiplicity of problems facing West Indies Cricket, almost overnight,” Browne added.

In his remarks on Tuesday night, Dr. Mitchell said that it is disheartening that after CARICOM had taken common positions to assist in addressing the crisis of West Indies cricket, certain Member Governments thereafter publicly adopted different positions.

Mitchell, a former cricketer himself, who once headed the CARICOM sub-committee on Cricket, said that there was an urgent need for the leaders “to get back on course,” because the current state of affairs of cricket should be a complete embarrassment to all West Indians.


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