Chinese government offers 100 million dollar grant for housing project

Residents in Barbuda, as well as the Boobey Alley and Perry Bay areas will be the beneficiaries of an almost one hundred million E.C dollar urban renewal project.

The project, which is for the construction of 250 homes in Antigua an in Barbuda, is possible thanks to a grant from the Chinese government.

The total amount of the grant is 97.5 million E.C dollars or 250 million RNB.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says it is the largest grant ever to be given to the country.

The prime minister last announced that a survey was being conducted in the Bobby Alley and Perry Bay areas, to determine compensation for home owners and to get a general idea of the population there.

Prime Minister Browne says they intend to move all the residents from Perry Bay to Boobey Alley in Pointe.

The prime minister expects that this transition will move poorer families to the classification of middle income.

Housing Minister Maria Bird-Browne says this project is likely to change the lives of 200 families within the state.

She says these properties will be roughly 800 to 100 square feet.

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