Half Moon Bay remains tied up in legal battle

A law suit filed in the Supreme Court of British Colombia continues to hamper progress at Half Moon Bay.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the suit is presenting a problem with sourcing an investor to develop the derelict resort.

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The suit in question was filed in 2017 against the government of Antigua & Barbuda by Half Moon Bay (HMB) Holdings Limited.

Natalia Querard, a key shareholder in HMB Holdings Ltd. used to own the Half Moon Bay property, before the previous government (UPP) acquired it under Antigua’s Land Acquisition Act.

This Act gives the Cabinet power, to among other things, claim private property from one entity in order to give it to another.  

The only condition that the Government needs to satisfy is the owners’ constitutional rights to fair compensation within a reasonable time.  

The prime minister says through this entire ordeal, the only losers here are the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

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In September of 1995, category-five Hurricane Luis destroyed the Resort and it has never been able to bounce back.

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