Head of Police Request Proper Accommodation for Barbuda Officers

Written by on October 24, 2018

The acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney is asking for urgent assistance to house police officers in Barbuda in proper accommodation.

The officers on the sister isle were previously housed at the fisheries complex, after hurricane Maria destroyed the police station and majority of the structures on the island.

The police however did not stay at that complex for long, since Barbuda Council members alongside Barbudans protested for their removal due to the upcoming fishing season.

Rodney also told state TV that nothing much has been done to refurbish the police station on Barbuda.

AUDIO – Atlee on Barbuda Police(1)

The police have since been relocated from the fisheries complex to the island’s museum.

Currently police officers are being stationed in Barbuda on two and three week rotation periods. But Rodney says this is not an ideal situation for a police unit.

In addition, there is no inspector since the house rented for one was damaged by the hurricane and has not yet been restored.

AUDIO – Atlee on Barbuda Police(2)


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