90 per cent of patients treated for NCDs aboard Ark Peace

The Health Minister has put a percentage to the number of patients who had to be treated for non-communicable diseases aboard the Ark Peace.

During the boat’s visit, its captain reported that NCDs were among the most prevalent ailments treated, but up until now a number had not been put forward.

The Health Minister Molwyn Joseph confirmed with a doctor aboard the ship that 90 per cent of the 4,000 patients got treated for what he referred to as the “greatest threat to our lives”.

AUDIO – Molwyn on Ark Peace[1]

Now this highlights the serious steps which the government will have to take to tackle this important issue.

One of those steps Joseph says is moving forward with applying a tax on sugary drinks to discourage the high consumption of sugary drinks.

The health Minister along with his health team is expected to meet with officials from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) today to discuss the policies that are to me put into this legislation.

AUDIO – Molwyn on Ark Peace[2]

Joseph says the tax collected through this pending policy will be redirected to reduce the cost of healthy foods (fruits and vegetables).

The health minister says they will go further to create a recreational park at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium where people can go to exercise.

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