Last Day for PSC to respond to Robinson’s requests


Today (Friday)is the last day given to the Police Service Commission to respond to a letter by Sir Richard Cheltenham.

Cheltenham is the lawyer representing suspended Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson in a case of wrongful dismissal against the PSC.

On Tuesday, the lawyer issued a letter to the Commission threatening to take further legal action if the Commissioner is not reinstated to his post with immediate effect.

The letter noted a deadline of Friday November 2nd at which time the lawyer and his client asked to be told who signed Robinson’s letter of suspension as it was not signed by the Chairman of the commission or one of its members.

Lawyer for the PSC, Dr David Dorset has since addressed the signage, referring to the request as a red herring. He says it does not matter who signed the letter, only that the decision to suspend Robinson was made by the PSC.

AUDIO – Dorsett on Commissioner letter[1]

In the letter Cheltenham also noted that his clients will be seeking exemplary and aggravated damages against the Commission because it had not followed through on an October 26th judgment to reinstate Robinson but instead issued him a second letter of suspension.

According to the lawyer, the PSC disrespected and disregarded a judgement of the High Court and called the suspension “an abuse of state power” and an “attempt to erode the rule of law in Antigua and Barbuda.

Dr Dorsett’s explains the PSC’s view on the matter.

AUDIO – Dorsett on Commissioner letter[2]

Dr Dorset says the PSC will be drafting a response letter to the Commissioner in short order

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