Ministry of Works to remove Arch to continue road project

The Ministry of Works is shutting down the area where the welcome arch from the Sir George Walter Highway is on Monday (today).

The Ministry says the removal of the arch is necessary to allow the ongoing road works to continue.

The Project Implementation Management Unit (PIMU), which is managing the Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, has asked the ministry to assist the unit in removing the arch as a matter of urgency.

Director of Lucine Hanley said the road will be closed on Monday 5th November from 10pm and reopen on Tuesday 6th November at 6 a.m.

Traffic will therefore be diverted through Barnes Hill until that time Tuesday.

The Powell’s Main Road in the vicinity of TCM will be used as the diversion route.

According to Hanley, the diversion route has been checked to ensure that it is suitable for motorists to travel.

He noted that the time selected for the work to be carried out was strategic to minimize inconvenience to road users.

A team from the Government Workshop headed by Superintendent of Works, Selvin Harley will be removing the arch. It will be disassembled and stored in a secure place until the road work is completed.

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