PSC says not enough time to consider Robinson’s request

Written by on November 2, 2018

Well the deadline for the Police Service Commission to answer to a letter by the suspended police commissioner has come and gone.

In a letter dated October 30th Wendel Robinson through his lawyer Sir Richard Cheltenham gave the PSC a deadline of Friday November 2nd – that’s today – at which time the lawyer and his client asked to be told who signed Robinson’s second letter of suspension as it was not signed by the Chairman of the commission or one of its members.

The issuance of this latest suspension came mere hours after Justice Godfrey Smith ruled in favour of the suspended Commissioner in a case of wrongful dismissal and ruled that Robinson should be reinstated as Commissioner of Police with immediate effect

Lawyer for the PSC, Dr David Dorset tells ZDK that the Commission has not had enough time to consider the letter which they only received on October 31st – the day before the independence holiday.

In addition he says the PSC has not met since the letter was issued and therefore has not met to consider Cheltenham’s letter and until they meet they will not know how to proceed.

But prior to this latest response Dr Dorset made it clear that the request to be told who signed the suspension letter is a red herring.

He said it does not matter who signed the letter, only that the decision to suspend Robinson was made by the Police Service Commission.

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