Report on HIV increase misinterpreted

Written by on November 2, 2018

Meanwhile, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has cleared up the statement made in cabinet which referenced an increase in HIV among young people

The notes indicated that there is at present an increase in HIV among young people as a result of reckless sexual activity and their inability to access condoms.

But the Minister says that was not the basis of his discussion and went on to explain how the reference was used.

AUDIO – Molwyn on HIV[1]

HIV however seems to be on the rise, not in Antigua and Barbuda but in OECS countries in general.

This information the minister says came from an OECS meeting in Grenada.

AUDIO – Molwyn on HIV[2]

Joseph says perhaps what needs to be focused on most importantly is how the governments will have to deal with this issue and its complications.

He says the ministry has so far done an assessment on several communities and schools, with an aim to find out what were the possible factors that would drive an increase in HIV.

AUDIO – Molwyn on HIV[3]

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