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DNA Speaks on Noticeable Reduction in Female Candidates in the UPP Slate

There has been a noticeable reduction of female candidates in the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Over the years the party has boasted on its ability to attract females and placing them in high positions as reflected in its previous policy and candidates.

In 2004, the party had a distinction in electing the first female candidate in the House of Representatives Jacqui Quinn Leandro; the same year placed D Giselle Isaac as speaker of the house from 2004-2009 and Dr. Hazelynn Francis as the president of the senate during the same period.

Joanne Messiah, now leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), although unsuccessful at the polls in 2004 was appointed a member of the UPP’s cabinet.

However, in revealing its slate of candidates to contend in the next general elections constitutionally due in 2019, there was a noticeable reduction in the number of female candidates on the party’s slate for the next elections, with only one female being named, Shawn Nicholas.

It’s the point which former senator and now member of the DNA Anthony Stuart commented on while speaking on ZDK’s Open Forum on Tuesday.

Antigua and Barbuda Welcomes Four Cruise Vessels

Tourism stakeholders welcomed four cruise vessels to the St. John’s harbour on Tuesday which brought thousands of visitors to the nation’s shores.

One of the vessels the Mein Shift 6 was making its inaugural call to Antigua’s port after detouring from St. Maarten because of the damage to the island’s port.

It is not the first time this cruise line has visited the islands port however the Mein Shift 6, is the German based line’s newest edition and is one of the most luxurious vessel of its line.

A brief welcoming ceremony was held aboard the ship upon the request of the vessels captain where ministry officials and the ships management exchanged brief remarks along with plaques and tokens of appreciation.

The captain said he chose Antigua as its new port of call because English Harbour was one of his favorite ports in the Caribbean.

Public Relations Officer for the Tourism Ministry Samoya Kirby said Antigua and Barbuda was elated to have welcomed the vessel to its shores. She said the ceremony was done to ensure that cruise members and guests experience a warm welcome on behalf of all Caribbean islands.

Antigua Ambassador says links to the US are long and strong

“The links between the United States and Antigua and Barbuda are long, strong and enduring”.

This statement was made on Sunday by Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Sanders, at a Church Service in Washington DC, marking the 36th anniversary of Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence.  Continue reading Antigua Ambassador says links to the US are long and strong

The highly publicized tax dispute between Sandals and Gaston Browne continues on Antiguan turf

Notwithstanding what he deemed as the government’s breach of a legally binding contract with Sandals, the hotel’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adam Stuart says that Sandals Grande Antigua continues to fully pay the readjusted taxes.

Continue reading The highly publicized tax dispute between Sandals and Gaston Browne continues on Antiguan turf

PM Gaston Browne Decision Involving Asot Remains

Chief of Staff to the Government Lionel Hurst says that although Asot Michael’s courtesy call to the Prime Minister was “friendly”, the Prime Minister’s stance as it relates to Michael’s status in the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party remains unchanged.  Continue reading PM Gaston Browne Decision Involving Asot Remains