he government is likely to pay public sector workers their long overdue back pay on referendum day. This week’s Cabinet spokesperson Melford Nicholas says the Minister of Finance Prime Minister Gaston Browne has succeeded in negotiating a $5 million dollar loan to pay one month’s back pay to civil servants only.  This means that established […]

Meanwhile, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has cleared up the statement made in cabinet which referenced an increase in HIV among young people The notes indicated that there is at present an increase in HIV among young people as a result of reckless sexual activity and their inability to access condoms. But the Minister says that […]

Businessmen Martin Ellis Franklin and George Ryan have been conferred with Knighthoods. The two, one of whom is well known to the Antigua and Barbuda public were bestowed these honours during the country’s ceremonial parade on Independence Day. George Ryan, the most of the two, was recognised for his contribution to business and community service […]

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has asked the National Housing Programme to terminate lackadaisical workers. He says there are a number of persons who were hired to work on the on-going housing projects, who simply show up when they want or not at all. AUDIO – PM on housing project[1] And speaking of housing projects, the […]

The government is preparing itself to challenge a law suit that has been brought against it by several members of the Barbuda Council. The suit which was filed in the High Court on October 18th It challenges two pieces of legislation which make the long standing communal practice of land ownership on Barbuda null and […]

A team of eight medical Chinese doctors from the Ark Peace made their first trip to Barbuda earlier today. They began assessing and treating almost 120 patients who have registered for operations in Barbuda. The Director of the Ship Guo BaoFeng, through his translator Jiang Shan gave an update on the work being done at […]

Three Schools to receive up to Fifty Thousand US Dollars in grants from the Department of Environment which were donated by the Government of Italy. The Schools are to use the funds for Environmental Management Systems as well as Renewable Energy Systems called Grid Interactive…… The institutions of learning will also be required to produced […]

Shareholder governments of regional airline LIAT have found themselves once again having to review plans for the viability of the airline. This follows an announcement by Barbados that it would not be able to pay its full share to support the operations of LIAT. Barbados’ current financial crisis had forced it into an IMF Stand-by […]

The Minister of Health has reported an increase in the cases of HIV. This week’s cabinet reports suggest that while Antigua and Barbuda is the first Caribbean country to eliminate T.B., cases of HIV are on the rise from reckless sexual activity by young people It was reported that difficulty to access condoms resulted in […]

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