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National Housing Project asked to terminate non-performing workers

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has asked the National Housing Programme to terminate lackadaisical workers.

He says there are a number of persons who were hired to work on the on-going housing projects, who simply show up when they want or not at all.

AUDIO – PM on housing project[1]

And speaking of housing projects, the government is going full fledge ahead with the Boobey Alley/Perry Bay Urban renewal project.

The 100 million dollar investment will move residents from the Perry Bay area to newly built properties in Boobey Alley.

The prime minister made these pronouncements faced with opposition to the housing project in the area.

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Barbuda Land Act suit to be heard in January 2019

The government is preparing itself to challenge a law suit that has been brought against it by several members of the Barbuda Council.

The suit which was filed in the High Court on October 18th

It challenges two pieces of legislation which make the long standing communal practice of land ownership on Barbuda null and void.

The amendment was met with much opposition from the Barbuda Council when it was repealed in parliament earlier this year and replaced by the Crown Lands Regulation Amendment Act 2018.

The chairman of the Barbuda Council, Trevor Walker said then that they would contest the government’s decision to pass this bill.

AUDIO – Kamalie on land act

The lawsuit for the Barbuda Land Act is expected to be heard for the first time on January 15th 2019.

Attorney at law Justin Simon QC has moved on behalf of Trevor Walker, Wayde Burton, Mackenzie Frank and the rest of the Barbuda Council to file a lawsuit against the Antigua and Barbuda Government.

The suit claims that the changes which were made to the Barbuda Land Act 2007 are illegal.

They are therefore asking the court to maintain that land in Barbuda which is vested in the Governor General, be held on behalf of Barbuda people and that these lands be once again owned in common by the people of Barbuda.

They say the Crown Lands Regulation Bill violates sections of the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, which negate the independence of the Barbuda Council in the exercise of its duties, powers, and functions.

But Attorney General Steadroy Cutie Benjamin tells ZDK their claims hold no basis. In fact he says he is surprised by the lawsuit which he claims are without any merit.

The government will be represented by Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan and Carla Brookes Harris, the Deputy Solicitor General.

CCJ Can Wait group issues call for more CCJ education

The recently formed CCJ Can Wait Group is calling out the chairman of the National Coordinating Committee on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry and Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

During a press conference on Wednesday, chairman of the group Attorney-at-law Kenny Kentish singled out the ambassador and the prime minister for rushing the referendum.

AUDIO – mannix on CCJ can wait

In his final comment though, the CCJ Can Wait chairman asked the electorate to vote on referendum day whether they choose to vote yes or no on the issue.

Chinese doctors begin medical treatment in Barbuda

A team of eight medical Chinese doctors from the Ark Peace made their first trip to Barbuda earlier today.

They began assessing and treating almost 120 patients who have registered for operations in Barbuda.

The Director of the Ship Guo BaoFeng, through his translator Jiang Shan gave an update on the work being done at the Hannah Thomas Hospital.

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The specialists brought with them a number of portable equipment from the hospital ship.

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Meanwhile, another team of Chinese specialists treated 96 patients at the Care project on Wednesday.

Between Monday and midday Thursday, doctors treated more than 2,096 patients.

These include house checks for 49 people and auxiliary services like CT scans, DR and ultra sound for 1418.

Shan outlines the most prevalent cases they have had to treat.

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Major Signing Ceremony between Ministry of Health and 3 Public Schools

Three Schools to receive up to Fifty Thousand US Dollars in grants from the Department of Environment which were donated by the Government of Italy.
The Schools are to use the funds for Environmental Management Systems as well as Renewable Energy Systems called Grid Interactive……
The institutions of learning will also be required to produced educational campaign to help the public to understand the importance of renewable energy systems in a bid to enlighten the population on the need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel which is the greatest contributor of Greenhouse Gases in the world.
Today’s (Oct.25.2018) signing ceremony took place at the office of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment Mrs Joan Carrot who signed on the dotted line with officials from the Seventh Day Adventist School, The Wesleyan Junior Academy and the St Peters Academy.

The future of LIAT once again being compromised

Shareholder governments of regional airline LIAT have found themselves once again having to review plans for the viability of the airline.

This follows an announcement by Barbados that it would not be able to pay its full share to support the operations of LIAT.

Barbados’ current financial crisis had forced it into an IMF Stand-by Program to provide financial aid of US$290 million.

The government of Barbados is the largest shareholder government, holding 51 percent of its shares and approximately 60 percent of its human resource.

This week’s cabinet spokesperson, Melford Nicholas says the governments of the region have to now consider a restructuring plan.

AUDIO – Melford on LIAT(1)

The current position on LIAT came from a recent shareholder meeting in Barbados, this week.
Following that meeting, a strong case was made for the non-paying OECS countries to assume part ownership of LIAT so that the burden can be spread among all those countries that benefit from a subsidized airline.
A shutdown of LIAT will mean hundreds of job losses and indirect fall outs of other companies across the OECS
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HIV on the rise among young people

The Minister of Health has reported an increase in the cases of HIV.

This week’s cabinet reports suggest that while Antigua and Barbuda is the first Caribbean country to eliminate T.B., cases of HIV are on the rise from reckless sexual activity by young people

It was reported that difficulty to access condoms resulted in young boys and girls experimenting with unprotected sex, and infecting partners.

The Cabinet said several solutions were considered to tackle this challenging phenomenon, including examining the methodologies employed by similarly challenged countries.

No decision was taken; rather, a discussion between the ministry of Health and Ministry of Education officials will be undertaken on the best methods to employ going forward to tackle this growing issue.

Head of Police Request Proper Accommodation for Barbuda Officers

The acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney is asking for urgent assistance to house police officers in Barbuda in proper accommodation.

The officers on the sister isle were previously housed at the fisheries complex, after hurricane Maria destroyed the police station and majority of the structures on the island.

The police however did not stay at that complex for long, since Barbuda Council members alongside Barbudans protested for their removal due to the upcoming fishing season.

Rodney also told state TV that nothing much has been done to refurbish the police station on Barbuda.

AUDIO – Atlee on Barbuda Police(1)

The police have since been relocated from the fisheries complex to the island’s museum.

Currently police officers are being stationed in Barbuda on two and three week rotation periods. But Rodney says this is not an ideal situation for a police unit.

In addition, there is no inspector since the house rented for one was damaged by the hurricane and has not yet been restored.

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