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The Police and the family of 15 year old Andre Donalds of Fort Road is seeking your assistance in knowing his whereabouts.

The 2nd Form Student of Ottos Comprehensive School left home on Thursday 4th October 2018 and has not been seen since.

Family members went and made a report of the teen’s disappearance on Friday 12th October 2018 at the Criminal Investigations Department.

Anyone with information can contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 462-3913/462-3914 or family members at 724-1148.

Police Offer Reward for Burga

Police are now offering a reward of $25,000.00 ECD for information leading to the capture of Calvin “Burga” James.

James is accused of killing two people and seriously wounding one other.

Last Friday, James killed Shanchezca Charles of Barbuda (suspected to have been pregnant at the time) and his niece Tahisha Thomas.

He took aim at a third person, his nephew Laurence James. James suffered a gunshot wound to the mouth but is in stable condition at the MSJMC.

The police have since issued a wanted bulletin for the man. Bulletins have been posted in various languages such as English, Spanish, and Chinese in an attempt to close down on the search for the wanted man.

So far tips about James’ whereabouts have not led to an arrest.

Ministry of Works caution Motorist about bridge

On Thursday, a team within the Ministry of Works conducted an assessment to examine the condition of Darkwood Bridge in St Mary’s.

Although it was not clear what caused damage to the bridge, the Ministry is urging motorists to be extremely cautious when driving there.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works Clarence E. Pilgrim said the Ministry is cognisant of the damage caused to the bridge and is working swiftly to rectify the situation.

“We have done a preliminary assessment and at this stage we are presently putting together a plan of action which will be unveiled in the next few days, until then we intend to put signage to caution drivers to be cautious when going around that particular side of the bridge,” Pilgrim stated.

Pilgrim is also urging motorists to look out and inform each other in an effort to minimize any possibility of accidents along that bridge.

The team comprised of the Minister of Works  LennoxWeston, Parliamentary Representative for the area Samantha Marshall, Permanent Secretary Clarence Pilgrim, Director of Works Lucine Handley, Deputy Director of Works Aldin Crump, Head of Roads Craig Williams, Liaison Officer Ministry of Works Algen Isaacs and Communications Officer Alciana Tittle.


Internal Charges Filed Against Suspended Commissioner  

Local law enforcement have filed internal charges against suspended police Commissioner Wendel Robinson.

On Thursday, Special Constable, Senior Superintendent William Nurse preferred two counts of discreditable conduct and one count of Oppressive conduct on Robinson.

These charges follow an investigation by the Caricom Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS).

In August, a three member team was asked to look into claims that Robinson sexually harassed three male colleagues and another man who was seeking entry into the police force.

The IMPACS team had been duly appointed and sworn-in as Special Constables.

At the end of their investigations a report was submitted to the Police Service Commission (PSC).

The Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney was subsequently informed of the investigation and the charges were laid against the Commissioner.

It is not known if other charges are pending against Robinson.

It was just last week that the suspended commissioner went before the High Court with litigation he had brought against the Police Service Commission and the Attorney General on wrongful dismissal charges.

That case will have another hearing on October 19th 2018.


Owner of Jam Dung rearrested and charged for human trafficking

The owner of Jam Dung Night Club has been rearrested and charged with 5 counts of human trafficking, 5 counts of debt bondage and 5 counts of using the services of trafficking persons.

Cheryl Thompson is expected to appear in the St John’s Magistrate court to answer these charges sometime this week.

In February of this year,  Thompson was charged under the Human Trafficking Act following a raid on her Nevis Street establishment.

The charges extended to using a person being trafficked for sex exploitation, intentionally confiscating workers passports, intentionally using the services of a trafficked person and intentionally benefiting personally from the services of a trafficked person.

Those alleged offences occurred between November 30, 2017 and February 9, 2018.

But after the first trial, Magistrate Joann Walsh dismissed the charges because the prosecution team was not prepared, even after they were given an extra week to do so.

Thompson was set free. However since these charges are indictable there is no statute of limitation and so the police have re-charged the woman.

This is not the first time Thompson has been concerned with human trafficking.  In fact, in 2011, the police charged her with over 40 human trafficking related offences.

During their investigations the police found 17 passports belonging to Jamaican nationals at Thompson’s Paradise View home.

However, the charges were dismissed in 2014, after her lawyer challenged the law guiding the penalties under the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Act.

Based on the legislation, the High Court ultimately declared her charges as applied to be unlawful.

The act was amended in 2015 to remedy the breach.

APUA announces changes in reconnection and disconnection process

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority has announced changes to its disconnection and reconnection process.

They say disconnection and reconnection process will no longer be scheduled by the previous sequenced zonal system but will be simultaneous.

Accounts 30 days past due will be subject to the company’s broadened monthly disconnection schedule. This adjustment applies to all billed residential and commercial services offered by the Authority inclusive of Electricity and Water.

Customers are urged to capitalize on the 10% discount of which they are entitled upon making timely payments on or before the due date.

These practices will ensure customers save on their monthly bills.

The APUA says under this policy reconnections will be carried out up to 2 (two) business days after payment.

Customers are reminded that payments can be made by not only coming into the office but by using cash or debit/credit cards, Bank drafts, Online payments which are available at select banking institutions and by using the Cheque drop box

CSEC and CAPE preliminary results

Keondre Herbert of St Joseph’s Academy has been dubbed the Most Outstanding Student in the 2018 CSEC sitting for Antigua and Barbuda. Herbert sat and passed 20 Subjects with 20 Grade I’s

Overall, 2355 candidates in Antigua and Barbuda sat a total of 11,232 subjects resulting in a 70% pass rate with Grades I – III.

Overall, candidates were successful in 69.9% of subjects sat; for students in schools, this was 73.0%.

Students of the Baptiste Academy received the highest percentage pass of 99 percent, followed by the Island Academy with 97 percent,   the Antigua Girls High School and the St Joseph’s Academy with 91 percent and the Christ the King and Seventh day Adventist with a pass percentage of 90 percent.

Nine in-school candidates did not sit examinations they registered for and a further 91 candidates did not pass any of the subjects they sat, 45 of whom were only sitting one subject.

According to the preliminary results, there were in fact 128 in-school candidates who sat one subject, and 83 of them were successful.  These usually are students who are jump-starting the process, taking subjects in 3rd or 4th form.

In the main, in-school candidates  171passed 4 subjects, 164 passed 5 subjects, 173 passed 6 subjects, 144 passed 7 subjects and 135 passed 8 subjects. At the high-flying end of the spectrum, 113 candidates sat 10 or more subjects; 89 of them were successful in all that they sat.

Meanwhile, the Most Outstanding Student who sat the CAPE is Shamara Yearwood (Antigua State College). She sat and passed 6 Units in 2018, in addition to 5 Units in 2017, achieving all Grade I’s.

Overall, 534 candidates in Antigua and Barbuda sat a total of 1, 897 units with an 89% pass rate (Grades I – V).


Police still on the hunt for Armed Robbers

The Police are still on the hunt for the assailants who made off with about $2,000 in cash from a cash register they stole from the Mishoo Drive Thru Fast Food Restaurant on All Saints Road on Monday night.

They reportedly escaped in a maroon Toyota Vitz but not without injuring at least one person who was caught in the cross fire when the robbers fired about 13 shots, according to lawmen.

Reports also indicate that the owner of the restaurant had to fight off one of the assailants.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Lester Bagot who spoke to ZDK  said that the Police are still in search of the individuals. He called on anyone with information to contact the police.


Heat Stress likely to cause coral bleaching

An increase in sea surface temperature in the Leeward Islands does not spell well for Antigua and Barbuda’s coral reefs.

The Caribbean Regional Climate Centre’s (CRCC) Situation and forecast Preliminary data around Antigua and Barbuda indicate that sea surface temperature (SST) is likely to cause heat stress, leading to possible bleaching of the coral reef.

The outlook which covers the months of August to November shows that a watch is expected for the forecast period and a warning is likely, which means, at the very least, low-level thermal stress will take place and coral bleaching is possible.

Coral reefs are said to contain the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, they protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms, and they provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms.

But as the heat increases and when water becomes too warm, corals will expel the algae living in their tissues, causing the coral to turn completely white and ultimately alter the ocean’s chemistry.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the region Heat stress is accumulating across some coastal areas of Cuba and the southern Bahamas.

Countries under watch in the Caribbean include the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, the Virgin Islands and Panama.

Observer Media Group goes out of Print

Beginning Thursday, the paperback newspaper printed by the Observer Media Group of Companies will become obsolete.

That is because the agency has chosen to go fully digital. In March, the company announced that it would be phasing out print media as it hoped to transition to digital delivery via customers’ email.

An article written in the editorial section of the last printed newspaper stated that “after almost a quarter century of printing six days per week” it is evolving.

It said the unexpected eviction notice that was handed down by the Stanford Liquidators forced them to move up the timeline to become fully digital.

This would be the third time in over two decades that the company has had to move its production.

The agency had hoped that the Coolidge site, where the agencies Founder Winston Derick erected a “Samuel Fergie Derrick Media Centre” memorial, would be a staple and was continuously negotiating with the liquidators to buy off the building.

Now, they have less than six months to find another location.